About Us

Sydney : 0452 555 432

In 2018, Tiffin Boxx Started the healthy "HOME STYLE" delivery service around Strathfield area serving local residents, students and short term travellers who are missing their "MOM's" home cooked food. Tiffin Boxx became popular among the people and we started receiving request from other suburbs of sydney, thats when we realised customer's craving for home style food.

Today's generation is very keen in maintaining their health, and understand the need to avoid junk or unhealthy food from hotels. Tiffin Boxx is unique from other food delivery service by getting food from experienced mom's who understands the nutritional requirement of the child. Both our registered Cooks and the food handling team are certified to deliver food to our customers as per Australian Standards.

Thinking of a home-style Tiffin, then Tiffin Boxx is your one-stop solution... "We Deliver what you miss...." .
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